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Dundies Dusty Pink All In One Nappy [S, M]


Dundies All in One Nappy is:

  • Eco-friendly, Australian Made

  • Super comfortable with sizes that fit every dog

  • Ultra absorbent, medical-grade

  • Tested to last at least 5 years (900 wears)

  • Simple to use


    Handpicked, without nasties, for your PEACE OF MIND

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    Dundies®: The original dog undies

    Dundies® is an Aussie made, tried and tested product with all of the patterns and shapes uniquely designed and drawn in-house!

    • Made with the highest quality medical grade fabrics

    • The external shell fabric is

      • lightweight

      • chew- and scratch-resistant

      • breathable

      • designed with anti-fade colours

    • Comfortable and fitting with soft and secure elastics, easy fit velcro, comfortable tail slit

    • Fast-drying

    Dundies® are designed with both pets and their owners in mind. Dundies® cover it all, not just bums!


    All-in-one technology

    Enjoy all in one convenience with the most absorbent pet nappy / diaper on the market!

    This exclusively designed quad-layer technology was developed by us to provide the ultimate moisture-wicking and protection for the dirty end of the pet business. How does it work?

    1. Velcro on the nappy securely

    2. When soiled, remove the nappy

    3. Wipe the pet clean

    4. Put on a fresh pair of Dundies®


    Each pair provides unrivalled absorbency with quad-layer technology.

    The innermost layer touching your pet is designed to wick away liquids keeping your pet dry.

    The AIO core is made from only the best fabrics, including 100% organic bamboo ideal for thermoregulating, keeping your pets cool in the summer.

    Bamboo is also antimicrobial, reducing the risk of UTI development. Bamboo patented with our Australian quality microfiber creates the best comfort and absorption for your pet's hygiene system.


    Strength tested for longevity

    Dundies® pet nappies/diapers have been designed and tested globally for over 12 months before coming to the market.

    The unique fabric has been tested to ensure, with proper care, that your breathable and waterproof nappies are reusable wash after wash for a minimum of 5 years! That's over 900 wears!


    How to choose the right style


    • Heat 

    • Marking 

    • Light incontinence 

    • Senior pets 

    • Toilet training 

    • Travel accidents 

    • Male dog faecal incontinence (with Super Absorb insert) 

    • Female dog incontinence (with Super Absorb insert) 

    • Cover-ups for male dog desexing surgery as a cone alternative 


    Belly Bands 

    • Male urinary incontinence

    • Female spaying surgery cover-up as a cone alternative  


    All In Ones (AIO)

    • Overnight use 

    • Incontinence 

    • Senior pets  

    All-in-Ones can be used for heat, marking, light incontinence, toilet training, and travel accidents but the Dundies® Snappie is sufficient.


    How to find the right size


    1. Measure waist

    Measure the waist of the pet. This is the green line on the size chart below. 

    2. Measure belly to back

    Measure the back to belly measurement. This is the orange line on the size chart. 

    3. Compare weight

    Use the weight chart as a GUIDE ONLY. Every pet is different, but if your pet is between sizes this guide may help you. Our female Westie, Latte weighs 6kg but she is size M.

    If your dog's measurements are close to the next size, we would highly recommend sizing up. 

    If still in doubt, do contact us to arrange for a fitting. 




    How to wash

    Here's a guide on how to wash your Dundies!


    Dundies® care guide 

    Dundies® nappies are a medical and hygiene tool for your pet. As such, it is important to maintain proper use to prevent infections.

    These nappies are made from antibacterial bamboo and breathable fabrics, which significantly reduces the risk of infection. On top of that, Dundies® has developed the following two principles to help you have the best experience with your pet nappy. 


    FAP Prevention Model of Irritation 

    F – Stands for FIT. Be sure to follow all the measuring guides to get the best fit for your pet, making sure the nappy is not too tight. 

    A – Stands for AERATION. Your pet is not built to wear nappies/diapers full-time. We also see this with human babies. It’s why we have barrier creams and encourage ‘nudie time’. You need to provide your pet with a minimum of 3 hours of nappy free time each day with ANY nappy system, including disposable and other brands. This prevents ammonia build-up, which can result in ammonia burn to the pet's skin. 

    P – Stands for POWDER.  Using a cornstarch-based powder, such as baby powder that's free from Talc to help prevent friction. This will help reduce nappy/ diaper rash around the pet's legs and tail. 


    CCC’s Care Principle of Infection 

    C – The first C stands for CLEANING. Be sure to clean your pet properly between changes, wiping front to back, so as to not spread faecal matter into the urinary tract. Wiping correctly prevents UTIs.   

    C – The second C stands for CHANGING. Change your pet every 2 - 4 hours or immediately after the pet has soiled the nappy / diaper.  

    C – The final C stands for CREAMS. Use a barrier cream like Sudocrem on any nappy / diaper rash. This can be purchased at any chemist or grocery store and is safe for pets. If nappy rash results in broken skin, seek advice from your local vet to obtain a medicated cream. Reassess your FAP and CCC principles to make sure your fit and prevention techniques are in place. For more help join Dundies® VIP Facebook Group for troubleshooting!


    *We try our best to keep product information and images up to date but take note that they only serve as a guide. Colours may vary depending on your screen. While it doesn't happen often, changes by manufacturers may take some time to reflect on our site. When in doubt, chat with us!

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